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Hunter Series Kharma X Rainbow Wired Gaming Keyboard


Long Cable

Nobody wants your freedom of movement to be restricted during the game. Thanks to its structure that offers users a free life, you can act the way you want. Moreover, its cable helps you to be organized on the tables.

Instant Command

Commands are very important during the game. You can manage it the way you want by pressing the keys quickly. Everyone admires your speed with its structure developed in accordance with your competitive nature.

Does not tire fingers

Whether you use it while playing games or doing your daily work, it does not tire the fingers in both cases and treats you sensitively by considering both the wrist and hand structure. The technological product that cares about your health gives you an excellent experience.


Improves Speed

For those who think that they are weak while typing on the keyboard, they have various exercises done for practicality. In a short time, you will reach the level where you can write with 10 fingers, and this contributes to the completion of daily tasks in a shorter time.

Soft Keys

The keyboard has a mechanical system. The letters are easy to locate and the keys are extremely soft. You have no difficulty in printing, which gives you easy and practical minutes in typing.

Night Use

You can use the keyboard, which has a stylish and aesthetic design, during the day as well as at night. It provides a unique experience for those who play games with passion at every moment of their life. Regardless of the time, it continues to keep your excitement.

Hunter Series Kharma X Rainbow Gaming Keyboard

SKU: 6062
₺549.00 Regular Price
₺499.00Sale Price
    • Ergonomic Design
    • wrist support
    • 45 million keystroke test performance
    • Special lighting
    • Light Off on mode
    • Multimedia assignment with FN key
    • Quiet operation
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